Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The day when FATE brought us together:)

I didn't get to write this interesting story of mine due to my busy-ness after my trip from Taiping.

Okay...the story goes like this:

18/3/2011---> 9.10pm reached Changi Airport with Mandy. Bought a salad which costed me bloody $9.90 which consists of only celery,oranges, apples and cucumbers. Wth that costed me till $9.90...It's like 4 times a normal price. And it doesnt even come with big servings!! Nevermind that. Later on, we went to our seats on the flight. Mandy and I was not on the same seat...I sat on 29A. Then, my life changed! Lol. So dramatic huh? Okay. Then, I spotted this cute, good-looking ang mo putting in his bag into luggage compartment. I was thinking at that time if he was going to sit beside me or what..I actually hoped that he will sit beside me :P
Then, to my surprise, he sat beside me! Then, he said "hi" to me. I just said "Hi!" and smiled back to him. Then he initiated the talk and we soon talk and talk and talk. We shared a lot of our stories and he told me his. He told me that he went to Cameron Highlands before and he likes that place a lot. He loves the strawberries and teas. Oh yeah, he stayed at Lavender. Ahaha...But then, he's in Spore just because of his business...He will be here for 2 years. He was here last year, October. So, he'll go back Paris on October 2012. Sob...:(
Then, when we reached Penang, we hoped that we can see each other again too...Ahaha...And we bidded farewell...

19/3/2011 --> Joan jie jie's wedding. It's so hilarious. First time seeing such wedding games in reality. I find it very fun! It's so super duper funny! Joan jie jie's husband was really good looking and is a decent-looking guy. Aaww...She's so lucky....I hope to find my partner too, one day...:P
Oh yeah, Joan jie jie's wedding the time, there are lotsa game. I found that getting the guy to dance Gaga's "Bad Romance" was the funniest. The 2 guys have to wear the mop head and act like Gaga. Then, one of the guy asked the 2 guys "what are you all doing? Are you trying to catch ghosts?" Then all of us laughed. And another funny part is the choc one...where the chocolate paste are put onto both side of the plastic fling and 2 guys are supposed to lick the choc together...one from front, and another from the back. Lol...It's so so funny that my stomach hurts ...

20/1/2011 --> My flight back to Spore. We took the night flight. Jie and I ate at McDonald. It was 6.40pm that time that I saw him again. Alex. That French guy I met on the plane. Omg. I was so delighted that my sister was also surprised why I kept on smiling. Hahaha. Too obvious! We're so fated together! I just cant believe it!!! The funniest thing is, of all stalls, we met at the same stall! I wanted to go up to him and greet him. But I was scared. I am scared that he might forgotten who am I and asked "Who are you?"...Then, that will be an embarrassment to me...Then, jie and I went to the toilet and wait to enter the plane. I got Seat 30F this time. Sigh...I don't know what's my chances to be on the same plane, and at the same seat with him. Hm...Probability. Uncertainty. These are what I learnt in my GEM 2900. But then, ....I am not sure if I should apply it here or not. Neither do i know how to apply it.Lol. Then, I saw him boarding in the same plane again! I was even delighted! Okie. But,...he sat at 29A. Aiks...That was my seat last time. We were so near but yet so far. :(
I spotted him looking around...I was thinking if he was looking for me at that time. Aiks...HAhaha! I guessed he didn't saw me. I was just behind him. If only he looked my way...:(
At first, I was disappointed. I thought that he might have forgotten me...But when we landed at Spore, I let everyone in front to go out first. Sigh. I don't like to squeeze with people...Alex was still sitting there too...He was waiting for the others to get down. Then, when it was left with fewer people, he took his luggage and that was the time he saw me. He said "Hi" to me. I acted if I didn't notice him, and acted as if I'm surprise and said "Hi" back to him in a delighted way. He told me, "I was wondering just now if you're also boarding on the same plane..." I smiled and laughed and told him "I was wondering the same thing as well! Ahaha. I never knew you were just in front of me!" He laughed and asked about my trip in my hometown and I asked him about his trip in Penang. It was really nice to meet him again. Later on, we knew that we have to separate, so he patted on my shoulder and said that "Hope that we'll be meeting again." I just smiled to him. Actually I'm really hoping too...:(

Garrr...I forgotten to ask his number !!:(((

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh gosh. Today sis brought me to trim my eyebrow. I was so freaking nervous and scared. So, the moment the lady wanted to trim my eyebrow, I asked her if is it painful. She was shocked at my question, so she asked if it is my first time here. I told it is my first time doing this. She told me that first timer will feel a lil pain. After doing it a few times, you won't feel the pain. So, I tried to calm myself down saying that it is just going to be pain a lil. Initially it's bearable. But there was a few times that I shrieked. I cried most when she did on the lower part of the eyebrow. Gosh, It's so freaking painful that I guessed that the lady realized that I almost cried. Hahaha! She asked me who brought me here to trim my eyebrow. I just said my sister. Lol...

After that, sis brought me walk around Far East Plaza...gosh, next time i must come back here! Things here are cheap and nice!! Lol lol lol...I hope that I can earn lotsa money and repay sis and mummy and dad...God, please bless me...Please...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My friends and family

I just love my Taiping besties alot...They are the greatest friends on Earth. But distances seemed to part us far apart. But thanks to this thing called Facebook. It allows us to communicate and know each other's life even though we're so much far away from one another.

Thanks God for granting me good friends like Agnes, Tee Xin, Serena, Jennifer, Jun-Lyn, Khai Li and the rest who gave me unlimited support when I'm so stressed. I just adore them. I wished that we'll be able to have unlimited outings even after we had our spouse or whatever...hehehe...

I misses them so much. And I missed my family too. My dog. They are too adorable to resist. Sometimes, I really wished that I'm at home. Where it's my shelter. A place where I can complain to when I'm stressed. A place where it's warm. A place where you can do whatever you want. A place where you can have the person you loved most. A place where you can play with your dogs and led a carefree life. Aiks...

I always thought that I hated home. But I realised how much I love it now, after I was so much far away. :(
So, people out there. I was once a rebellious child, ignorant, and so on (whatever negative words u can describe me), but I can tell you that, you'll definitely misses your home when you're far away...Indeed, I really felt like going back...And I'm going back for 3 days in 2 weeks time!~~^_^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JJ Lin Jun Jie - Down (English Version, With Lyrics)

I misses my family and friends badly. :'((

Sometimes, I wished to go back my Form 6 life. It's the best.

There are times, I thought that I've made the wrong mistake to come to Singapore to study. I thought that I am able to handle stress. But I am freaking wrong.

I'm not motivated enough I guessed.

But when I think back, what are the reasons that I'm persistent to come to study here, against everyone's opinion that asked me not to come here to study?

When I thought back, I am certain that the education here is better. The opportunities there abound here. To explore. To gain cultural exchange. A better life. Safety.

I know I shouldn't emo. But sometimes, I felt like breaking down. I have to do all the studies all by myself. People here are hard to communicate and share. Unlike those in Taiping. When you don't understand something, they are willing to share. But people here are not willing to teach and share. Have to suffer all these studies that I find it hard to understand all by myself.

Last time, Organic chemistry is easy for me. But now, why I find it hard to understand? :(

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't Give Up

Came across this blog...Hence, post this as a self-motivation. Don't emo due to your CM1161 failure. Learn to grow!

Motivation, -noun

1. The act or an instance of motivating.

2. The state or condition of being motivated.

3. Something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

People often use the term “be motivated” or “I need motivation” yet despite it being one of the most talked about human characteristics, it is often found in the most difficult of places, hidden in the shadows, unwilling to be found. So where do we look? Well first we need to understand what we’re actually for. Do we just need a lift, a kick up our metaphorical backsides in order to be willing to get involved. Or, as in most cases, do we need something a little deeper than being spurred on, something mentally that needs discovered in our heads?

It’s only recently that I found my motivation that has been long lost inside my mind and like many people, believed I was searching, and fighting, and trying to find it amongst the shadows, but it is only now I realised I was looking in all the wrong places. If we open our eyes we see motivation is all around us. All it really took was 7 basic steps in the direction of self learning.

1 - Follow a path. Setting a major goal is what we all do when we need motivation, but we follow a fractured path. Split your goal into smaller tasks and learn how to achieve success step by step. After all, you never learn how to swim until you’ve learnt to paddle.

2 - Never quit. So often when faced with a challenge and when faced with pressures we buckle, and concede, roll over and get into a bad habit of giving 50% effort. See things through, if you fail so be it, but you’ll be surprised what you can learn through failure.

3 - Mutual emotion. People can’t truly be a solider, without being around other soldiers. Nobody in a winning Cup Final team can be a winner, without being around other winners. The same applies here. We will forever be unhappy if we around the unhappy. Seek confidence from those with confidence, and eventually you will find yourself giving confidence to others.

4 - Self learning. Procrastination is a good habit to get into. Man has a truly unrecognised ability to learn without the need of an instructor. When we learn the art of self education we will find, if not create, opportunity to find success we never imagined that we would.

5 - Natural talent. Natural talent creates motivation, motivation creates persistence, and persistence, ultimately, gets the job done.

6 - Learn and Grow. Read, practice and seek to increase our skills in subject we are fond of. Learn new songs if you are musician, write more jokes if you are a comedian, make more friends if you want more friendship. The more we learn and the more we grow the more an upward spiral of success develops.

7 - Risk taking. Why are humans so afraid of taking risks? Why do we feel the need to take the safe approach. It’s funny when you look at it, but the most successful people are the risk takers. So break out of the negative stereotype, take a risk or two and either achieve success or learn through failure. Whatever the outcome, it’s a step in the right direction.

If ever we feel the need to give up, don’t, just follow the 7 basic rules. The most important rule of all? The secret rule? When motivated, stay motivated.