Friday, November 16, 2012

why must it be her

All along I've sensed something. Maybe I'm too slow. Everyone knew it started beginning of this sem. But towards end of the semester, I'm the last to know.

Do I feel unhappy about it? I don't know. Or is it I'm unhappy because I'm the last to know bout it? But why am I feeling so grumpy and unhappy after knowing bout this and worst thing is, I'm the last to know.

Anyway, I won't be meeting these people anymore. So... it's great. Cause it's one of my wish Not to meet them. Except some people, of Course. There are some that are good friends but certainly I put up a boundary wall cause I don't wanna come into conclusion too fast like one of the classmates that I thought I can trust on but in the end, I realize I couldn't put trust to her anymore. It seems like she changed a lot after she went exchange with the others in the class.

Anyway, enough of feeling grumpy or unhappy. It's already the end of our journey and I won't be seeing them either. So yeah, I'll end it here.
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Monday, November 12, 2012

My blog is a place for me to venge my anger

Bitch please!

If you don't wanna help me in explaining on how to do the lab report, just tell me! Don't have to come with all sorts of excuses to avoid my questions.

In fact, if it wasn't because you're the only one who finished writing the lab report, I'm just trying to ask a minor question due to some contradictions from the graphs that I've plotted. I'm not asking you to show me how you plot the graphs or ask u to do anything for me! Just because the ln(delta LAB) vs time plot gave a super negative regression value, which is not normal, so I'm just trying to ask if you got the same problem as I've encountered. Yes, you answered that question. But, as all of us know, that regression values shouldn't be negative. But, you're trying to avoid my questions and not even try to think about it together. We did the experiments in a group, but you bitch...Okay whatever. Any updates, if you've done it wrongly, then it's your own problem. Probably, you just blindly copy whatever the senior did. Which in the case, the senior actually did it wrongly. Thanks to one kind soul, who although not in my experiment group, was still willing to explain things to me and help me get my clarifications of my doubts.

I thanked you for not helping me bitch! Cause I learned more from that helpful soul compared to people like you. Although you're smart with GPA above 4.6, but your attitude is fucking bad!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Genuinely Good?

All of sudden these people "treat" me good...
Giving me fruits and tidbits...

But sorry if you're sincerely good to me, but I know I had this habit of doubting people since I came here. Since people had hidden meanings when they offered me food.

I had this classmate who occasionally offers me stuffs when he don't want it.
One of them I could remember most is when he offered me an egg tart that a friend made for him on his birthday.
So pity that girl right. People make for him so xing ku, (no intention, not trying to woo him or something okay. that girl already had a bf). Then, he asked me if he wants it. Then, I happily said "yes". A bit dumb that time cause I don't know it was an unwanted stuff. Then only my friends said, "Eh...X, why you so bad?"Then only I started getting curious. Like, why they said like that.

Another occasion, a friend offered me expired cereal drinks. @.@
What's her intention???

Then, from now on, I started to become more careful and selective and grew wiser. Not all things people offered to us, we can accept.