Friday, February 7, 2014

25 Random Facts About Me

Hm...Here's a list of 25 random facts about me (for those who don't really know me or doesn't know me really well bla bla bla...):

#1: I love DOGS! Dogs are like my best friends. So, if I spotted cute dogs in the park or anywhere, I will sneak and hug the dogs. LOL. I mean I will ask the owner if they're okay if I play with their dogs for a while. :)

#2: I have a pet dog called Whisky and she is super adorable.

#3: For some reasons, I am super picky when it comes to eating fish (probably due to the smell and taste)...But so far, the only fishes that are my favorites are salmon, cod, and stingray.

#4: I am a huge nut fans! I love nuts. If the chocolate or muffins contain nuts, I will love it.

#5: I am pretty sensitive to sugar. Any foods with high sugar content will give me toothache, which is why I avoided commercial snack bars and high sugar content chocolates.

#6: I'm not a fan of soft drinks. In fact, I don't actually like it.

#7: I am a health-food freak! If you know any restaurant/cafes with great and yummy healthy foods, PLEASE, PLEASE give me a call or tell me. I'll be right there in the next hour or we can have a feast together! :)

#8:  I dislike fast foods like KFCs, McDs, Texas Chicken, and so on..BUT I love Subway!

#9: I have OCD since 13 and I'm still having OCD. I'm not convinced of popping drugs into my body to cure it, but at least I'm trying to reduce the occurrence of me washing my hands after everything I've touched.

#10: I turned into a monster when I'm hungry for more than 15 minutes. Don't mess with me when I'm hungry because I might explode. My patience will run low and it's better to get some food into my body (at least a cracker or nuts) before I explode.

#11: I have terrible sense of direction. I cannot guide or lead you anywhere. So, if you're asking me for direction, you're asking the wrong person. Don't ask me for directions because I'm terrible at it, even though I might say that I remember this or that place, don't trust me because I'm terrible at remembering places. Just saying.

#12: I don't smoke; never have and never will.

#13: I can play a piano, although not anymore. I used to, but well...I got lazier to practice that my dad stopped me from my piano lessons. So, for more than 10 years I have not play a piano, I've forgotten most of it.

#14: I am claustrophobic. Throwing me in a fMRI machine made my heart pumped up like crazy and suffocated. I've tried that once (for money of course) and I don't think I would put myself in such situation unless the amount of money they're paying is really high. LOL.

#15: I hate being in crowds, as I'm claustrophobic. Going to a mall where there are a lot of people or staying with a lot people freaks me out and I would just like..."STAY AWAY FROM ME *poker face*".

#16: I'm not offended if someone said that I'm a Kampung Girl aka Village Girl. I'll be more offended if someone thinks I'm a City Girl. Hey...Being a village girl is nothing embarassing! And I embrace that though I may think that I don't have much exposure compared to most city girls :) And I know how to climb trees (well, USED TO KNOW), grew up with chickens and turkeys and having our own small orchard is not an experience for most city people.

#17: I cannot stand people with no punctuality. At least text or call me if you know you're going to be late instead of making me wait like a fool.

#18: I love horror films! So, if you have any horror movies to watch, just give me a call/text, I will watch with you :)

#19: I love bananas!

#20: I had a dream that actually came true 3 times.

#21: I sweat really easily. Even though the weather is not that hot, I can still sweat.

#22: When I feel cold, only my upper body feels the chill. So, when people asked me if I am feeling cold when I was wearing short pants in the air-conditioned hall or in the night bus (probably Msians will understand this), I would just tell them that only my upper body would feel cold.

#23: I like to eat spicy foods.

#24: I really love Disney.

#25: My favorite and lucky number is 7. Don't ask me why but that number gave me luck a couple of times, so it has been my favorite and lucky number since then.


Monday, December 23, 2013

A Walk Through the Garden and Post Awesome Brunch (with dardar)

Last Friday, we met up for a date. He promised to bring me walk around after exams and he kept his promise :) I know he has been trying to be a good bf to me since then. I guessed somehow our big fight in July has brought us closer and he's been trying to be a better bf now :)

So...I make an attempt to make lunch for us. It has been a wish of mine since young to cook a lunchbox for my bf/husband and seeing him eating the food I've made happily. Hahahaha! It's my first attempt to make chicken burgers. Thank God the burgers turned out well and I'm so glad that he liked it, especially the caramelized onions. Hehehe :D

Hahaha...It started drizzling about 10 minutes after we reached Botanic Gardens. So, we stopped by the shelter and I had my lunch since I'm feeling so hungry. After the rain stopped, we continue touring around the garden and take some photos. Hahaha. Those photos are my crazy signature poses. Don't think that anyone would pose like me in photos. Hahahaha! Hope no one stomp me doing weird poses. LOL.

Then again, after probably about 1.5 hours of walk, it started to rain again -.-''. And this time, it's heavier. So, we seek a shelter and he had his lunch :D Then, there was me, looking anticipated to see him chomping down my burger. The moment the rain get less heavier, we decided to walk with umbrellas although it's still raining. Hehehe. Not sure why it feels kind of romantic to walk around with him with one umbrella under the rain :P

After we're done touring around Botanic Gardens, we headed to IKEA to find my sister's plate. 'Cause I've accidentally broke her plate :O Then we had dinner around the hawker food area :) Really don't want the day to end so early :(  'Cause I started missing him the moment we parted. :(


Yesterday we've dine at the Canopy Garden Dining in AMK together with his friends. The foods there are so awesome! Hahaha. It's my first time trying out Eggs Royale, so I pretty much doesn't have other Eggs Royale to compare with. Here's the photos of the food I've ordered:

Hahaha. Seriously I love the green salad. The tangy taste is so unique, I couldn't quite identify what is the sauce they used. Is it balsamic vinegar? I'm not quite sure. But it's lovely! Then we watched Hobbits. :) Means can have a little more time spent with him <3 Aww...I really wished I can carry him back to my home. LOL.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Day :)

Today he came over to my house. I've cooked lunch for both of us --> Pan Seared Chicken Thigh and Sauteed Asparagus and Mexican Corn Salad.

Hahaha. I'm a really lousy cook. LOL. But it's really my first time cooking chicken thigh. I'm not fond of eating chicken thigh, don't ask me why. I prefer chicken breast. So, just all of sudden, I decided to cook chicken thigh 'cause I'm afraid that the chicken breast may be too dry for his liking. I just wanna cook something decent for him. LOL. But turns out to be something different from what I'm expected. Perhaps, I should stick with chicken breast. LMAO.

So... we cooked together. He helped out when I pan-seared the chicken thigh. Perhaps because of my lack of experience, his chicken thigh came out to be bloody at one part. I'm not quite sure if that part is still raw, but I told him not to eat it. I don't wanna give him diarrhea because of my food. What a failure I am. :(
And worst is, I cooked asparagus for the first time too. LOL. Maybe next time I should rely on sight instead of Internet. 'Cause while Internet mentioned to sauteed it for 5-7 minutes, and I insisted to cook for 5 minutes, but our asparagus turn out to be overcooked even before 5 minutes. -.-''  AHHHHH....So failed at this timing. :(

Hehehe...But but but...he said that the chicken thigh seasoning was nice....although I spammed a lot of black pepper ('cause I love spamming my food with black pepper. LOL!) And for the Mexican corn salad, while sour taste is something that I've liked/ acquired, he is not the kind who really likes sourish food. Hahahahaha! Next time I should be less generous on the lemon juice instead :P

And...he also carried me today <3's like a husband carrying his wife on his wedding day. Hahahahaha. Felt so loved. ^_^ And I really wanna thank you a lot for treating me tonight with so much yummy food that I've been craving for <3 I know $70 is not cheap, but I'll definitely give you a treat back once I've found a job :)  I'll treat you yummy Mexican food at Lucha Loco okie~~ <3    I'm sure you'll like it :D :D :D

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Eating A LOT

I've been eating a lot the past few months. OMG. Feeling constantly hungry. I'm like eating almost every hour. LOL. Okay. Every hours is too much. But yeah, I've snack a lot the past few months. LOLOLOL.
Anyway, I'm quite upset that I've to reject my friend's invite to Lucha Loco for the Mexican cuisine that I've always wanted to try. Been having some financial hurdles, hence need to save up 'cause I've seen the reviews from and Lucha Loco's food is actually pretty pricey (average price spent is $65/person) although it's really authentic and had lots of good reviews (and also by food critics). I really really want to come to that place one day. Seriously. I wanted to try their ceviche and their tacos and also their COCKTAILS~~~! Sorry, I love liquor. LMAO! I'm really dying to come and feast on their foods. Hahahaha.

LUCHA LOCO - I'll come back to you one day. SOON. Also, I'll love to try Mex Out and Muchachos for their burritos one day. PRobably after I get a job.

Yummy foods gives me pleasure :D  You know, that kind of satisfaction and awesome feelings that you just wouldn't want it to stop. That's why some people say "Tasty foods give people orgasm". An awkward statement, but it's definitely true.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just Another Day of Ranting

So, my sister just gave the sarcastic "Wah" the moment she saw me holding 4 bags of groceries. Actually, only 2 of the bags are full of stuffs. One bag contained the bananas and another bag contained the baby spinach and cheese. I actually heard her asking me in an "alarmed and shocked" manner, "Wah! You bought SO MANY things again ah?" Luckily I was on my earphones, I pretended that I didn't heard her question and asked, "You called me?" (Just to be polite). She kept silent so I acted as if she didn't call me. Then when I walked pass her, she gave me the sarcastic "Wah", which I'm super annoyed.

Hey, I know my sister. That kind of "Wah" is definitely not the amazed "Wah", but the sarcastic one. I'm not trying to stock up the refrigerator with my foods. I buy and I eat them within 1 week! And please don't expect me, with only $200/month, how do you think I can survive without cooking for myself instead of dining out? And transportation alone already costed me about $100+/month. Can't you, as a sister, be understanding? Plus, the refrigerator, even if it looked a little suffocated, that's because of your fruits and vegetables that's been lying for months, not mine. You could have cleared up the fridge by discarding those groceries that had been laying in the fridge for more than a week.

Okay, Let me tell you why I cooked for myself. Firstly, dining out, ONE MEAL alone already costed AT LEAST $3.50. Imagine if you have to dine out for every meal per week, it would definitely cost me at least $73.50 ! Sorry, I'm always hungry, so I'd need my 3 meals/week. BUT....when I'm planning to cook for myself, I can reduce the cost about almost 50%. Meaning that, each week, I'm setting my budget of about $25 - $40 on groceries alone, which can last me for the entire week. See the difference in the cost? That's why I've been cooking a lot lately because if I'm dining out, the remaining $100 would definitely wouldn't be enough for me to shop for other necessities.

IT'S effing frustrating when staying under the same roof with so much restriction. I mean we're family right? I felt more like a stranger in the house than being a part of the family. Damn, if only I can own my own house here.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Been busy lately with my new blog as well as my school assignments. So far, my grades for my term paper are considered alright. Still above average, but as usual, I'm not satisfied 'cause I always have this thinking that I can actually do better! I think it's the kind of mentality we usually had after studying in Singapore for a few years.

And I just had a great meetup with one of my good friend in NUS. We've known one another for 2 years. Time flies. We really had a great chat and spent quality time together. It's not something that one can always get when you've entered into the university. Friendship became harder to maintain as we grew older and it takes two hands to clap. Just like any other relationships.

And yeah, I agree with her that I should learn to be more assertive. This is the 2nd time a friend telling me this. I know I'm the kind of person who wouldn't dare to speak up etc. But you see, only real friends will warn you so that you don't get bullied.

And lastly, this blog will still be continued  :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

People always said that whenever you have problems, you can just turn to your family. But not everyone is that privilege. When I found out that I had a huge problem (involving money), due to delayed payment of my tuition fees, talking to my family will not help. In fact, it's like a Chinese phrase "Guan ni qu si". Even the richer sibling also refused to provide any help. Ask you to get other help YOURSELF. I bet if one day if I'm lying in the hospital with sone serious condition that requires freaking huge amount of money, they wouldn't even care. Why? 'Cause I know my family more than anyone else!

Harsh to say that but it's true. It seems like all of sudden you got disowned when you need huge amount of money for whatever reasons. That's why whenever people keep telling me if I have any problems, I should tell my family. Sorry, I just wanna say that my family are not like any other typical families out there. I'm not that lucky like many of you. Alot of things, especially financial wise, I have to depend on my own.

You know sometimes I really wished I can be like my friends. When they wanna go holidays/overseas/etc...all they need to do is just ask money from their parents. Honestly, I really wished to have such a good life. But hell no. Life wasn't that good for me. Although I don't have to go such an extend to sell myself like some more underprivileged girls. Anyway, I know many would say that people should be contented with what they have. But things are easier to be said than done. Honestly. If people are easily contented with what they have, then why are there still so many complaints around?
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